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ResourceQ is unique blend of Software Development and Strategic Staffing Solutions company. We are here to address unique challenges of talent acquisition and knowledge gap between eduction and work environment. Founded by industry experts and decades of working experience of product building, We know exactly what it takes to build the talent. We are also power house for Product Development. We built our products and we helped several US companies and Entrepreneurs realise their product vision

We Equip Partners With Strategy and Vision

We believe the demand for talented workforce is ever growing in India. So we made Strategic Staffing & World-class Training as our strategy

With ever growing need and attrition , today’s Software Services companies are forced to have a hiring vision. We made our vision to help companies reach their vision.

We would like to be leading Strategic Staffing and Training company for India software industry

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Our Training Programs are Designed to Identify the Technical Capabilities and the Growth Potential.

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Real World Experience

All our training programs are designed to reflect the needs and demand of current software development and job marketplace. Our projects and challenges reflect actual client projects and production issues.

Proprietary Processes

Our training process is unique and driven by decades of experience in software development. Each course is carefully designed by Software Architects and further validated at CXO level.

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We boost our clients to get more sales

Are you a corporate with talent hiring challenges?

Hiring right talent at right time is a real challenge. We mitigate your risks with tailor made staffing solutions.